There is a growing demand for high-quality content in the VFX market. With the increased use of digital video streaming outlets such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, the importance of high-quality content and VFX is growing.

How do visual effects work?
Through visual effects (VFX), images are altered, created, or enhanced for live-action media that could not be captured during live-action production due to cost, danger, practicality, or impossibility. By using visual effects, it is possible to create realistic objects, characters, and environments by combining live footage and VFX.
Visual effects (VFX) artists at Faucone Studios are driven to push the boundaries of creative and technical possibilities at competitive costs. Our VFX team can handle any type of VFX work, from a single VFX shot to the complete post production of your video, including composition, blurring, animation, matte painting, rig removal, set extension, and environment creation.
Our VFX services are focused on advertising, entertainment, media, gaming, and science and technology. Our team has been providing creative services to global clients for over two decades.

Our Professional Visual Effects Services at Faucone Studios
We are a leading provider of VFX services, specializing in green screen, rotoscoping, motion tracking, Computer Generated (CG) animation, and action effects stabilization. We offer a wide range of visual effects services at Faucone Studios.

  •  Special Effects – We provide visual effects for live action productions.
  • Digital Effects (digital FX or FX) – These are realistic environments created by combining still photography and computer graphics.

The following are our VFX services: –

  • Matte paintings – Digital or traditional paintings or photographs that serve as background plates for 3D characters, particle effects, digital sets, and backgrounds.
  • Modeling – We use specialized software to create 3D models of props or characters.
  • Animation – The movement of objects or characters is assigned in 2D or 3D.
  • Compositing – The process of combining visual elements from multiple sources to create the illusion that the whole scene is one. We can also do 3D compositing.

Organizations and individuals can overcome challenges such as these five common ones by partnering with Faucone Studios for visual effects (VFX) services –
The process of expediting visual effects can be time-consuming, costly, and require the hiring of new employees.
Searching for ISO-certified visual effects designers is always a challenge.
Clients operating in multiple time zones and countries with different languages can make VFX particularly challenging.


Our Visual Effects services make us a notable service provider. Our visual effects house offers full visual effects services in a variety of sizes and scopes, regardless of the project’s size or scope. Offering excellent HD production and full-service videos, our Visual Effects Services are highly appreciated. In addition to color correction and grading, digital intermediates and compositing, Visual Effects Services are highly sought after.

Faucone Studios is a leading provider of digital post production services combining the latest technology with excellent infrastructure. In addition to providing the entire range of digital services in post production for film and video, we offer VFX, Rotoscoping, Digital Intermediate, Remastering, Up-Conversion, and 3D Movie Production Solutions.

Your target audience will instantly be captivated by stunning and compelling visual effects created by us. You can depend on us to meet your requirements on time and on budget.