Training and Courses

Scriptwriting & direction course :

An engaging, as well as emotionally compelling movie, can be directed with the key of a good story. Our faucone scriptwriting courses will make the students understand the process of writing a story. Faucone has one of the best scriptwriting as well as direction courses in Chennai.

Career choices:

  • Script writing for movies & dramas
  • Script writing for drama
  • Script writing for commercials
  • Program producer
  • Courses coverage
  • Story elements
  • Screenplay format
  • Building character
  • Basic plots
  • Film screening
  • Different genres
  • Creating dramatic tension
  • Film screening

Acting course:

Acting is a dream career for many youngsters. Acting is the epitome of glamour and fame. Acting is an art.  Faucone will help you to reach more heights in the acting field. Our acting courses syllabus includes

  • Body language
  • Facing audience
  • Voice projection
  • Acting exercises
  • Mirror exercises
  • Cinemascope
  • Biography of famous actors/ actress
  • Sound- background music
  • Clap board
  • Camera facing
  • Miming
  • Discussing films.

Digital cinematography course:

Faucone provides hands-on the magic of filmmaking with the latest technologies. Our programs are crafted as per the industry standards and provide proper knowledge of production that includes direction, cinematography, editing, screenwriting, post-production techniques, light and sound.

Your future career

  • Grip & light technician
  • Locations manager
  • Camera assistant
  • Picture editor
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Sound operator

What you learn

  • Production design & art direction
  • Production management & process
  • Script writing
  • Producing
  • Directing
  • Lighting & camera movement

Sound engineering:

Faucone studios are one of the famous sound engineering course providers in Chennai. we have a world-class course in sound engineering. Our well designing & spacious recording studio can help you to practice live music.  You will learn from the basics of sound engineering such as electronics, rigging, safety & sound.  We will also train you in system design & acoustics.

Our course syllabus

  • Introduction to sound
  • Electronics
  • Amplification & speaker
  • Analog mixers & outboard processing
  • Pro tools basic
  • Digital consoles
  • Advanced miking
  • Film sound & audio post production
  • Audio mastering techniques

Video editing course:

Video editing is one of the complicated processes in the film industry. our courses will help you to understand the basics of video editing. We will help you to become a pro in video editing.

Course syllabus

  • Introduction to video editing
  • Video editing jargon
  • Basic fundamentals of video editing
  • Creating a video as a pro

Ad film making:

It is an important task to bring a product to engaging with customers. Ad filmmaking is all about identification as well as the establishment of a connection with consumers. Faucone ad film making courses are designed to understand budgeting, creative writing & types of advertisement.

Ad film making curriculum

  • Introduction to ad world
  • Theme
  • Idea
  • Writing ad films
  • Story boarding
  • Types & uses of ad filming
  • Uses of ad films and sps

Short film making:

Short films are creating a great impact among young minds. The shorter, as well as crisper stories of short films, are engaging to any audience. The content of our courses is designed by renowned filmmakers.  Our short filmmaking courses in faucone include planning, budgeting, pre-production, practical sessions in scriptwriting, screenplay, camera movements, types of shots and many more.


  • Story discussions
  • Basics of cinematic shots
  • Camera movements
  • Film techniques
  • Basics of script writing
  • Advertisement film making

Commercial filmmaking:

Roll up your shoulders to learn commercial filmmaking specifications with faucone. we are here to make you a pro from screenwriting to production.  Our commercial courses are designed for people to get into the film industry.  We have included diverse features in our course like animation, visual effects, production & screenwriting. Our courses are technically sophisticated with an accuracy of recent trends in commercial film making.