Music Videos Production Services

One of the best ways to communicate a message and captivate an audience is through music videos. In addition to supporting your vision with concept, location, equipment, etc., our experienced video directors, video producers, and film makers at Faucone Studios will also skillfully direct and edit the music video in accordance with your vision.

Are you looking for help making a music video?
Our India-based company, Faucone Studios offers full-service music video production. Throughout the process, we’ll provide you with hands-on assistance so you can make your vision a reality. We have years of experience in video production and will handle all elements of the project.
Would you like to film a video for a high-energy pop song set in space? What about a country song filmed in space? Our team will help the production process go as smoothly as possible, regardless of the size of the project or your experience level. Our music videos are created by brainstorming, storyboarding, and working together with you.

We’re here for you
Since we are immersed in the world of music ourselves, we understand the needs of Music Producers and Fresh Artists. Due to this, we have a team of directors who can work with different budgets and develop concepts accordingly so that shooting, location, and production costs are kept under control.

Here’s how it works

  • Feel free to send us the song
    Send us your song through WhatsApp or email on your private account.
  • Approval of the concept
    After listening to your song, we create a story or concept that incorporates both your ideas and ours.
  • Approval of the budget
    Upon approval of the concept, we will discuss the budget and provide a breakdown of the total costs.
  • The shooting begins
    After you pay the advance payment, the production of your music video will begin with full cast and crew.
  • The Post-Production Phase
    You receive the final HD file after we receive the balance payment and begin offline and online editing.

We can assist with choosing and securing locations, obtaining permits and video production insurance, and even refer you to our contacts for catering and transportation. Professionals are available to assist with all aspects of production and post-production, including directing, photography, and editing. To maximize your music video’s success, our marketing experts can package and promote it.


The reasons our clients choose us are our creativity, passion, and sincere commitment to showcasing their passions and telling stories worth watching. Faucone Studios understands how important it is to make appealing music videos that engage the target audience. It is now our pleasure to assist you with making your grand entrance into this field. Let’s get talking right away to start your music journey.