You can count on Faucone Studios for a variety of headshots, from mild to wild. In either case, we will film on location at your location or on site at a location you choose. If you prefer, you can also have your headshots taken in a studio.
Whether it is a headshot or other type of photography, we use the same professional equipment, lighting, and post-production procedures.

A professional headshot photographer takes and manages photos that are typically used for a resume, a corporate website, or a social networking site. In addition to lighting, backdrops, and other props, photographers on site will bring their own photography gear to take headshots of clients.

Each employee of a company is captured with a headshot by a photographer. Headshots are often used on web pages to create visually coherent, up-to-date team pages. In addition to taking photos, photographers also edit them based on the pricing structure.
Our goal is to help businesses take employee headshots. If you need images for LinkedIn, ID badges, or website images, we have a flexible solution.
The art of professional headshot photography is a niche art, and there are very few practitioners in the city capable of delivering what clients expect. Branding your image effectively is what Faucone Studios does. Setting up a professional look and feel for an in-studio shoot requires setting up a space and props. Headshot photographers on our team help you achieve a powerful frame with their expertise on posture and dress corrections. By capturing you in your natural environment, our team visits your workplace and plans the settings that make you feel comfortable.