Educational Videos

Our team at Faucone Studios is a leading educational video production company with over a decade of experience creating award-winning videos for some of the world’s largest and most renowned educational content providers.

What are the benefits of educational videos?

To build a better tomorrow, education is essential. Students and everyone around them benefit from this investment, not just themselves. Therefore, it’s only natural to try to make educational videos more accessible, appealing, and understandable.

It’s not easy to engage someone on a personal level, but a video made with care, passion, and creativity typically succeeds. If you include the power of availability and scope – making content available anywhere and at any time – your ability to onboard more students increases exponentially.¬†This is the type of compounding benefit that a good educational video company can offer.

You should choose Faucone Studios as your educational video provider

Educating the next generation is a subject close to our hearts here at Faucone Studios, and we are always eager to help shape minds. Through years of learning and refining our craft, we have come to understand what makes these videos effective, and that experience makes us unlike any other educational video producer.

We know that you are looking for pieces that deliver more than just accurate information. It is important for your videos to capture your students’ attention. Bring your curriculums to life with videos that combine storytelling with dynamic imagery. Making pieces that genuinely educate can only be done by an educational video company, and that’s what we can do for you.

Video is a powerful medium for education. Educators are fast realizing that it is an indispensable tool for delivering their message to more students, reducing costs, and achieving their marketing and growth objectives. It is possible to simplify complex concepts with animation, to film demonstrations to be shared widely and replayed on demand, and to act out common scenarios. No matter what the lesson plan or the educational institution’s requirements, video can help.

Nevertheless, when choosing an educational video production company, you should look for one that is reliable, creative, and professional, and has a deep understanding of the educational industry. We are a specialist educational video production company staffed with experts in video, animation, who create high-quality, unforgettable productions.

Taking a Creative Approach

We have the creative and technical expertise to incorporate any type of element into an educational video while at the same time creating a format that is also visually appealing and highly effective at educating students.

Multimedia & Interactive

Educational videos can be embedded into an online interactive platform that allows for live testing and evaluation, real-time simulations of concepts in motion with live user input and feedback, and complete course-building controls for instructors.

Typical Approaches

  • Interaction and instruction between teachers and students in a live classroom
  • Interviews with instructors, administrators, and students
  • Live group experiments and work sessions
  • Interviews with instructors, administrators, and students
  • Motion graphics and animated content for exercise
  • Computer software or calculation workflow screencasts
  • Multiple-window video elements