E-commerce Videos

Consumers are often confused by the products they’re viewing because the online shopping space is becoming more competitive every day. By telling real stories, we provide a clearer picture of the products they’re viewing. The customers are used to holding items and seeing how they fit. In order to achieve this, we leverage brick and mortar stores’ main advantage over online stores: tangibility.

Customers are more likely to purchase a product that contains video 64-85% of the time, according to Shopify.


Marketing videos for eCommerce brands and products cover a wide range of eCommerce video production. Videos offer online businesses a way to generate more conversions, expand their audience, and compete in a highly competitive market.

Videos for eCommerce emphasize highlighting product features, demonstrating how products are used, and explaining your products’ advantages. Retailers can significantly increase sales revenue and marketing ROI by utilizing eCommerce video production services.

With Ecommerce product videos, Faucone Studios drives sales conversions for our clients. During this process, we build customer relationships, improve brand online visibility, and grow revenue. During this process, we provide turn-key scalable video packages. In addition to developing eCommerce video strategies that meet your objectives, we also provide full-service Ecommerce product videos production and SEO web integration. Your eCommerce videos will be more engaging with lifestyle content that highlights your products’ features and benefits.

Globally, we produce product videos, explainer videos, and promotional videos for retailers. In addition to working with global brands on their communication, heritage, and content marketing strategies, we have consulted with companies to help them build the right teams and equipment for in-house production.

In order to make their products look their very best, brands use high-quality eCommerce videos. You can describe your product, highlight key features, and demonstrate what makes your product stand out. A successful eCommerce video marketing strategy increases revenue, encourages customer loyalty, and builds brand awareness.

Our team at Faucone Studios has years of experience working with eCommerce brands to produce converting digital content. We are happy to provide more information about our eCommerce video production services.


Our team at Faucone Studios has extensive experience producing effective eCommerce videos that online retailers can incorporate into their digital marketing strategies. To show your products in a positive light, our creative team will work closely with you to understand your brand voice.

We offer professional eCommerce video production services. Contact us today to learn more.