Documentary Videos

Viewers can connect emotionally with documentary-style videos
You probably think of the Discovery Channel when you think of documentary production. There’s definitely a place for educational work, but you may be surprised by how effective the documentary style can be as a marketing tool.

The power of documentaries lies in their ability to connect emotionally with the subject matter and get people thinking about your business on a more personal level. Documentary video production services deliver content that doesn’t feel like a traditional commercial.

Taking Your Audience into Consideration Documentaries are rarely dry recitations of facts at their core.  There’s more to it than that.  Your video is at its most powerful when it aligns your audience’s values with your business objectives.


Will there be any viewers?

Consider who will view the documentary video when you are planning the production.

  • Who do you want to understand your message?
  • And most importantly, what do you hope they will feel?

Each audience is unique.
Knowing what matters to your viewers will enable you to identify how to inspire, make them laugh, or make them cry with your video production partner.  Your story’s resonance depends on what matters to them.

We care about your story. Faucone Studios aims to do that from a documentary video production company’s perspective. To craft compelling video content, we create meaningful relationships with our clients as well as the subject matter at hand.

You can connect to your audience through video content we create for you. We produce engaging, informative, and layered corporate documentary videos that tell your company’s story in an exciting, informative, and engaging way.

Need a production manager for one of your productions or you’re just getting started in documentary production and need assistance with storytelling, Faucone Studios can help you.
Our team at Faucone Studios can assist you with the entire creative process, from storyboarding to sound recording, to video editing, we have a great deal of experience in documentary filmmaking and we would be thrilled to work with you to produce your documentary.