Business Videos

With our assistance, brands can create compelling videos that inspire action, engage audiences, and create a lasting impression. Discover the power of business video production today!

A business video can be a very powerful communication tool. Digital marketing is now an integral part of the digital strategies of many brands and businesses. You can use it to strengthen your business branding, share your messaging and generate leads.
Your business video can make a big splash if it’s based on the right insights and content strategy! Engaging business videos and brand stories that inspire viewers to act


In addition to concept development, production, and post-production, Faucone Studios offer full business video production services. Faucone Studios is able to write, produce, and edit a finished product that meets your video objectives.

What types of business videos can be produced?

Let’s look at some of the most popular business video styles now that you know the basics of business video production.

Video Production for Testimonials

Video testimonials from real clients can be a powerful way to build consumer trust and demonstrate a business’s personality. You can include videos of business testimonials to allow users to see behind the scenes, discuss company history, and/or showcase a brand’s personality.

Animated business videos can help you do that.

Animated videos are commonly thought of as being for kids, or adults who behave like kids. However, we’re here to change that perception! Kids love cartoons, but they don’t have to watch the Disney channel to enjoy the medium of animation. You can use animated business videos to explain complex ideas, tools, and services to your customers.

Production of live action business videos

Businesses can use live action video to share tangible products with the world. Live action business videos, in contrast to testimonial videos, often present a fictional story, or show a typical scenario associated with a product.

It is possible for the executive team, human resources, or departmental managers to create these business video productions to communicate policies and procedures in a very direct, clear manner.

Video for business recruitment

You can use business recruiting videos to promote your brand, showcase your company culture, and encourage job candidates to apply. Videos designed for recruiting are produced to show potential employees what your company is all about and to achieve your talent acquisition goals.

Business Video Series

Business video series consist of a collection of short, informative videos created for the same purpose. The videos, which typically have three or more videos, are designed to appeal to both customers and non-customers. Your business video series provides a unique opportunity to engage with your audience and help them better understand complex topics within your industry. To put it differently, a series is a valuable marketing tool. In order to release new business videos on a more timely basis, it is best to run these video productions concurrently.

Videos for Business Branding

People often associate the word “business” with stuffy offices or meetings filled with bored people. Because of that, we’ve seen more people use brand anthems in their business videos. Their videos are meant to promote what they stand for, who they are, and provide some depth to their brand. In addition, they are some of our favourite video productions. Keep it short and sweet. Be engaging. With a solid brand anthem video, like the one we created for Microsoft, you can change the way your audience perceives business video production.

How do you choose the right type of business video?

Wow! It is a lot to consider when starting out, especially if you are just getting started. This infographic may help you decide the type of content you need to make for any external-facing content, so that you can better decide the style. Once you know where you want to reach your customers, you can determine what type of business video production is most applicable and understand how much resources (time, money, etc.) it will require. If you have any questions, feel free to drop is a line. After all, we are most clients’ go-to business video production company for all video types – so no need is too big for us.