Dynamic, compelling videos featuring some of the latest vehicles are featured by Faucone Studios for spectacular Automobile Video services.

Our expert staff will show off your vehicle flawlessly, regardless of its make or model. Having produced numerous videos featuring cars, we know that each video should be as unique as the vehicle it represents. Utilizing the latest technology, we are able to capture the spirit of the vehicle so that the viewer can imagine what it would be like to drive it.

Services for video marketing for car brands

Plan & Strategy, filming, 2D animations, 3D models, studio shoots, location videos narrated by presenters, social video campaigns, and digital PR are some of our services.
Online video, trade show content, virtual reality, augmented reality and interactive digital platforms are some of the ways we deliver engaging content. Additionally, we work with a network of leading directors and directors of photography (DOPs) who can provide the very highest production levels.

Lighting experts for the automotive industry

Cars look their best with high-quality lighting. Using advanced car lighting techniques, we highlight every curve of the car’s body, interior, and engine. We have a reel that proves what we can do, whether it’s a car on a turntable or lighting integrated with special effects

Automotive event filming

Filming inside moving vehicles and at racetracks presents its own challenges. An understandable focus on health and safety, restricted access and limited time are all part of the process. With our experience, we can help you through all of the challenges that may pop up and we can ensure a great looking video at the end of it all.
Throughout our work with automotive brands, we use a five step process to guide clients smoothly through every step of their marketing projects, from initial strategies to creative concepts to campaign production and review.
We can help you with automotive video marketing
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