Automobile Photography

Automobile photography is more than just taking pictures of cars. You need to look beyond the shape, the lines, or the details. Expertise is important.

Automobile photographers photograph cars to capture their story: their timeless beauty, or their modern philosophy. The purpose of
Automobile photography is to convey the journey of a car as well as the lifestyle it represents. Lighting is an important aspect of our work in
Automobile photography.

We place good planning, imagination, flexibility, and experience at the heart of everything we do in automobile photography. In order to be effective in a shoot, we need to deliver great photography to the Indian press. In addition to small articles about number plate updates, our images are frequently used in large spreads in national publications to announce new model releases

The vehicles are sometimes the only focus of the shot, whether they are static or moving, but sometimes models are needed to help set the stage. Often, when models are needed, props like bikes, kayaks, suitcases or even dogs must also be arranged.

All arrangements are made by us. A manufacturer will provide us with a make/model for us to photograph, as well as a target audience they hope to reach and a back story they wish to convey about that vehicle. A suitable location will then be suggested. Once the client has agreed, we will identify a suitable location and secure it when the vehicles will be available. In some cases, brand new models are only available in a handful of drivable forms. And from this small number, there is big demand for appearances and launch parties across the continent, so dates are limited!

Our automobile photographers are some of the best in India, who are able to deliver the correct style of photos with the least amount of hassle. By coupling their expertise with our planning and direction, we are able to consistently deliver great results.

We don’t stop at the photo-shoot either! At Faucone Studios, all images will undergo post production, which gives the final polish. Get your cars to do all the talking right away. Contact us today for free consultation.