Animation Videos

Storytelling for engagement, clarity, and heart warming results is what we do at our animation agency. Our mission is to help you grow by connecting with customers online.
Engage your audience with your brand
The stories we tell each other are unique. There is a lot more power in your story than you realize.
Making the intangible tangible is what we do for your brand.
Do you find it difficult to explain your product to others? Is your brand important to your target audience?
We have a team of experienced motion graphics designers. These designers offer animation services for many industries, as well as access to an array of tools to let them unleash their creativity.
The use of animated graphics increases engagement and interaction with your brand. The versatility of these assets makes them perfect for social media, email distribution, internal use, and hosting on the web—they’re that useful. A majority of online traffic is video.

Online video comprises more than 75 percent of all traffic. When a subject line contains the word “animation,” it is likely to drive higher open rates. In a video marketing study, 81% of marketers reported video embeds keep visitors on landing pages longer. 84% of consumers say a video made by a brand convinced them to purchase its products or services. Our storytelling formula ensures that you’re a step ahead of the competition We offer top-of-the-line video animation for compelling brand storytelling. Our goal is to not just provide beautiful visuals but also something that adds value to your brand while positioning it to stay ahead. Let’s get rid of the boring, old way of telling your brand’s story. Your thoughts and identity will be stronger and more impactful with a new (and better) way.Animated videos are an effective way to advertise your business, educate your audience or tell a story.

Videos with animation: Benefits

Animated videos are popular because of their benefits. Both large and small businesses have experienced these benefits at Faucone Studios. When you have significant production resources, you can use animated video on a budget. Here are the top five reasons why animated videos are so magical:

Engaging Animation Videos

We can easily integrate your brand assets into animations, such as fonts, colour schemes, advertising guidelines and personas, creating a video that’s truly personalized.

Better Storytelling with Video

The animated videos from Faucone Studios fit any story you want to tell, and you can convey it in any way you desire.

Streamlining processes

Recording and emailing voiceover talent can be a cost-effective method of reducing overheads. In addition, live-action videos are more difficult to edit than filmed videos.

Animated videos are cost-effective

Animated videos generally are low cost since everything is done on one computer and we rely mostly on technology.