What is sports photography?

In broad terms, sports photography is any kind of photography that focuses on sports. As sports culture has grown in popularity and now permeates fashion and popular culture, sports photography has expanded beyond live-action photojournalism to incorporate product, editorial and fashion photography for brands, athletes and celebrities. This offers numerous avenues for photographers to make a career in sports; whilst at the same time it also increases the quantity of budding sports photographers. Learn more about shooting sports photography and ways to enter the world to help you to urge up to hurry with the competition.

With photos of the world’s biggest sports events & games, AP Images captures powerful images of the blood, sweat & tears of dedicated athletes.

Capture those truly magical moments and become your sporting hero. Our team will attend your event, and take photos of your club members throughout. Players order at the event or online. Live to stream the event on social media. there’s nothing more rewarding than that moment once you intensify onto the dais, to receive the reward and recognition of all the diligence it’s taken to urge you thereto spot. Capture those moments and cherish them for a lifetime.


Ours may be a full-service sports photography company specializing in sporting events offering high-quality action photography & on-site printing We also provide posed team picture day photography services for your sports team! we provide quality images and products, on-site printing and great pricing!

For sporting events, championships, tournaments, meets, invitationals and more, provides high-quality action photos for ALL the participants. We are also available to undertake to award photos where needed!


We offer on-site action photography services to sporting events around the country, where all of the participants get the chance to get unique, of a kind, action photos that make the oldsters and athletes happy!

The printing with custom-made templates for each event. we will use your logo, sponsors logos, and more! we provide a generous kickback to the host, images for websites and social media to be used, and more! Call us today to debate your options.

Our services are unique because rather than exposure, charging a high price for one child to be photographed at a time (if the parent can afford it), we wish to offer every parent an opportunity to urge an action photo of their child. Apart from this, we offer one on one help finding the participant’s images and building the composite for you, rather than leaving the parent lost ahead of a sea of computer monitors and too many choices.

Parents love the various style options for prints, and therefore the professional action photographs were taken. They especially love that they get to travel home with these photographs an equivalent day Everyone gets photographed not just those that pre-pay high prices. Everyone features a chance to determine the pictures then they purchase their child’s photographs as long as they have them. Our print/product prices vary from $15 all the high to $65. we provide everything from 5×7 and 8×10 prints in deluxe cardboard frames or high-quality wood plaques, also because the selection to shop for the digital files for his or her printing or for putting on Facebook, emailing, etc.


one of our principal services is sports photography. All you’ve to undertake to do is smile and celebrate alongside your team while we snap away! in addition to this, we have Action sports photography and videography to capture your teams in competition or to cover sports days and carnivals.

We offer a secure and efficient workflow and make images that make your young sports stars shine a bit like the pros. With packages to satisfy the wants of all parents including our digital package which allows parents the prospect to print their child’s photos reception or share on social media copyright free.

Find out why thousands of leagues have chosen us to supply photo services with our new state of the art Mobile Photo Studios equipped with UV Disinfecting technology providing a secure environment for your players and coaches.

Why settle on us

Celebrating your team is simple with our hassle-free photographic and video service.

A professional edit of your sports photos and videos are getting to be available within 3 business days of the shoot.

We offer great value professional photography packages for sporting teams with the selection of group or individual payment.

For photos, Club members will receive a singular URL to log in and make their payments online.


Q. Do I want to pay the photographer on the day? (Are there any hidden costs/extra fees?)

No extra costs. No extra fees. We don’t charge the club for our photographer and assistant’s time on the photo day. Our revenue is mostly from photo pack sales.

Q. Our Club would like to order the photos for the players. Can our Club pay in one payment?

Yes, the Club may prefer to order all the images and pay Eventphotography.com directly, in one lump sum.

Q. Does it collect money from players?

Yes, we can! Our Sports Payment System is out there to all or any of your Club’s players before Photo Day. Players log into our Sports Payment System, look for their name, select and order their photographs and buy their photos in one easy transaction, before Photo Day.

Q. How long will I even have access to my photos?

Your photos will be available in our online gallery for two years.

Q. How will I access my photos?

Our secure online gallery contains all your images. Subsequently, you could download the high-resolution individual portraits. Additionally, team members also can view/download their images from the web gallery. Please note: team photos are downloaded only if a photograph pack was purchased for each player within the Club.

Q. When will my photos be ready?

We will share the edited team photos with the Club Representative for checking in 3 business days after the photoshoot. Once all team photos get approval and full payment is made, photos will be delivered in 5-7 business days.